VDB Admin was founded in 2003 and as an accountancy firm it has experienced exponential growth in recent years by focusing on providing administrative services to the independent workforce. We are ready and willing to offer you a first-rate product at a fair price. We will provide you with current and accurate accounting and sound financial insight, as well as keep you informed of the latest developments in administrative and fiscal matters – all this while radiating our winning personal touch.


VDB Admin is a service-oriented accountancy firm that is dedicated to answering your questions and finding solutions to your administrative concerns at short notice. We can provide you with this attentiveness due to the short lines of communication, our flexibility as a business, and our top-notch service.


We are able to manage your entire administrative operations for you, whether you are a freelancer or SMB. Bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll administration, and the provision of the various mandatory tax declarations are all part of our field of expertise. We can take care of your administration remotely, but we are also capable of assisting you on-site. Should you require on-site assistance, we can also support you as an intermediary. Furthermore, we are more than happy to provide you with sound and well substantiated advice, and will readily aid you in implementening said counsel.


VDB Admin works for freelancers and small/medium-sized businesses (SMB). Whether you are just starting up as a professional painter, graphic designer, architect, or electrician, or are already doing business as an independent entrepreneur, we are here to help you where you need it most.


Just like you, as independent entrepreneurs, we conduct our business with passion and commitment; and the reliable management of your administration is an important part of our commitment to you. Our aim is to unburden you by maintaining an up-to-date administration and providing you with sound insight into your financial situation.